Custom Benchers

Create beautiful personalized benchers with your own images / branding / artwork / invitation design. A bencher to remember.

Booklet Bencher

Booklet Bencher

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Four panel Bencher Card

Four Panel Bencher Card

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two panel bencher card

Two Panel Bencher Card

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Booklet Bencher with Laminated Cover

Bar Mitzvah Benchers

Four Panel Laminated Bencher Card

Wedding BencherWedding Benchers

Two Panel Laminated Bencher Card

Bat Mitzvah BenchersCustom Benchers

Perfect for any event.

Create a beautiful one-of-a-kind bencher for any event. Let鈥檚 Bench custom benchers are the perfect wedding bencher, bar mitzvah bencher, bat mitzvah bencher, anniversary bencher, and school bencher. Especially great for for fundraising, synagogue dinners, Israel missions, group events and more.

Several nusach options.

Let鈥檚 Bench custom benchers currently offers Ashkenaz, Traditional Egalitarian, Edot Hamizrah (Sephardi), Chabad Nusach Ari and Reform text. If you are interested in a different text, please let us know and we鈥檒l try our best to accommodate you.

Additional packages.

Our basic custom bencher includes Birkat Hamazon (Grace after Meals), Sheva Brachot (Seven Wedding Blessings), and Brachot Achronot. Upgrade options include zemirot and Shabbat and holiday additions, extra photo pages as well as Friday night siddur.

Unique and special. Quality design.

Special care was taken in every detail of creating our custom laminated benchers. We chose a modern, yet classic font that is clear and easy-to-read. This is a high quality birkon that is functional as well as a highlight of your event.

The perfect gift.

Gift Let’s Bench custom benchers. Customized and personalized benchers are the perfect present. Let’s Bench custom benchers are a great way to help someone create a personalized keepsake for their simcha.

Let鈥檚 Bench Custom Benchers.
The ultimate party favor.

Everyone loves to take pictures but rarely do we get to see them printed. Today, many weddings and bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs include photo posters and video montages to share with guests. Imagine adding a mini-photo album for everyone to see, but mixed with the traditional blessings said after a meal. Everyone will want to have it as a keepsake from your special event. As an organization, you can share your message with your constituents using the Let鈥檚 Bench custom bencher. It is a wonderful souvenir and memorable brochure with a longer shelf life than any other bencher or memento. It鈥檚 the ultimate party favor.