Moka Origins Chocolate

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Chocolate that makes a difference

12/box; 4 box minimum
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Give a gift of chocolate to each of your guests while making change in the world. This is not only some of the best handcrafted chocolate but it comes from Moka Origins, a company that is working to make cacao and coffee a sustainable source of income for farmers around the world. Moka Origins use chocolate and coffee as a vehicle for social change, and with the help of your support, they’re working to break the poverty cycle for farmers in Cameroon and elsewhere while restoring the environment.

When you purchase Moka Origins’ chocolate for your event, you directly improve the lives of farmers and the environment.

Certified Kosher NFC

Each box contains 12 bars

Minimum order 4 boxes (48 bars)


UGANDA DARK 72% – Dark chocolate with notes of stone fruit and caramel.

GHANA DARK 72% – Dark chocolate with notes of peanut, cashew, and raisin.

DARK MILK 58% – Creamy milk chocolate made with organic A2/A2 milk from grass-fed cows.

VANILLA WHITE – Creamy white chocolate made with direct-trade vanilla beans and organic whole milk.

LEMON GINGER 72% – Lemon infused dark chocolate hand- topped with crystallized ginger.

SEA SALT 72% – Rich dark chocolate with notes of peanut and finished with real sea salt.

CHERRY 72% – Tart, rich dark chocolate topped with whole dried cherries.

TOFFEE ALMOND 72% – Nutty dark chocolate topped with buttery, sweet toffee and almonds.

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