Ten Super Creative Kids Purim Costumes

purim costume of a child with balloons

Purim Costumes – Making Memories.

Purim is around the corner – and now is the time to start thinking of costume ideas for your kids.

Here are a few really great costumes we found online and wanted to share with you.

Some of these costumes are super simple and require a bit of planning and very little effort – while some of them may require a bit of cardboard and spray paint, fabric, needle and thread – but the effort is always worth it – when you have those super cute family photos to look back on.

Up Purim Costume

Costume chunky black glasses, balloons, plastic pipes and two tennis balls.

Dinosaur Purim Costume

Cardboard and spray paint.

Leggy Purim Costume

Adult sized jogging pants.

Einstein Purim Costume

White costume mad scientist wig, cotton or white paint for eyebrows and mustache.

Big Bird Purim Costume

Big Bird
Orange foam board, yellow feathers.

Squid Purim Costume

Red. white and black felted wool or similar material.

Frieda Kalo Purim Costume

Flower headband, eyeliner, big colorful earrings, bright dress and colorful sari.

Lucky Troll Purim Costume

Lucky Troll
Purple temporary hair dye, hairspray.

Bubble Gum Machine Purim Costume

Bubble Gum Machine
Multicolored pompoms, glue gun, grey and black felt.

Minecraft Purim Costume

Cardboard, paint.

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