Special Event Benchers

We will help you enhance your anniversary, Israel mission, annual dinner or fundraiser by creating a lasting keepsake.

For summer camps – we will help you send campers home with a photo custom bencher or you can gift it mid-year as a Chanukka keepsake.

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Anniversary benchers
Summer Camp benchers
Booklet Bencher

Booklet Bencher

4-panel bencher

Four Panel Bencher Card

2-panel bencher

Two Panel Bencher Card

Custom Benchers.

Planning an event is hard enough. Now, you can include a beautiful bencher with photos of your organization to share with guests. Imagine adding a mini-photo album for everyone to see, but mixed with the traditional blessings said after a meal. Everyone will want to have it as a keepsake from your special event.

The Ultimate Party Favor.

As an organization, you can share your message with your constituents using the Let’s Bench custom bencher. It is a wonderful souvenir and memorable brochure with a longer shelf life than any other bencher or memento. It’s the ultimate party favor.

Unique and special. Quality design.

Special care was taken in every detail of creating our custom laminated benchers. We chose a modern, yet classic font that is clear and easy-to-read. This is a high quality birkon that is functional as well as a highlight of your event.