Megilat Esther – Purim Sameyach

Planning a bar mitzvah on Purim? What fun! Let’s Bench is ready to help. We have a personalized Megilat Esther available to make your simcha on Purim even more special. Order a laminated Megilat Esther Card or specially designed Megilah Booklets. The booklet can include benching as well. Let’s Bench makes it easy to add a meaningful party favor and Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Megilat Esther bencher at the same time. Furthermore, your logo and your family pictures and photos make a custom personalized Megilah the FUN in your Purim party.

Ordering Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah megilot from Let’s Bench can really make a difference for your event. Below see some examples of a Let’s Bench Megilah. Let us know how you want your Megilah to look. We can insert your logo, match your colors, incorporate your invitation design, and of course add your photos or artwork. Whether it’s our booklet Megilah or the laminated Megilah card, we will help you make it look amazing.

Contact us at for more information and pricing.

Megilat Esther CardMegliah BookletPurim Hamantachen