Semi-Circle Laminated Bencher Cards

How cool are these benchers? We have a Basketball Bencher, Soccer Bencher / Football Bencher, and Baseball Bencher. Even a henna boho bencher. We will be happy to design anything you want.
11×15 cm / 4.5×6 inches
$40 additional fee for our die-cut semi-circle-cover benchers.
(Shabbat addition – Shir Hamaalot, Eishet Chayil, Friday night and Shabat day Kiddush – is not available for this bencher)


Megilah Esther

Our large size Megillat Esther laminated cards are beautiful.
15×21 cm / 6×8 inches

We also have a megillah + benching booklet option. Click here for a closer look.

Yom Haatzmaut

Celebrate Israel’s Independence Day with our beautiful Yom Haatzmaut laminated card.
15×21 cm / 6×8 inches

We also have a Yom Haatzmaut Tefillah addition for our booklet benchers.

Pocket Benchers

People just love the mini pocket laminated benchers.
6.5×9.25 cm / 2.6×3.6 in
Ask us for prices.

Customized Text

We try our best to address all requests.
Additional fees may apply.

Design Work

Please contact us for our logo / monogram pricing.

Larger Formats

Inquire about our larger formats – available by special order.

Our 2 panel bencher card is available in a larger size (7×10 inches).

Wedding Guides

Our Jewish Wedding Guides help explain to your guests everything about the Jewish Wedding procession in a beautiful and informative way.