Bar & Bat Mitzvah Photography Checklist

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So you booked a Bar Mitzvah photographer (or Bat Mitzvah photographer). Or maybe a friend of the family is a photographer and is offering to help out. That’s great – photography is essential in capturing an important family milestone.

It’s a huge moment for the child who is coming of age – it’s his or her moment – their rite-of-passage to adulthood. They may have spent a better part of the year preparing for this – learning their Torah portion and studying more about their Jewish heritage and their role in the Jewish community.

It’s also a huge milestone for the parents and grandparents. It marks one of the special lifecycle moments for the family – bringing everyone together for this big event.

Below is a checklist that we put together to help make sure that you can capture – and not miss out on or forget – all kinds of ‘Kodak moments’ for your family albums and benchers.

If you have any suggestions or additions for this list – please let us know so that we can add them.

Mazal Tov!

Bar / Bat Mitzvah Photography Checklist

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Download this checklist in PDF: [frontend-checklist name=”Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography Checklist” type=”pdf” title=”Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography Checklist” linktext=”Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography Checklist”]


Yitz Woolf