Perfect for any event.

Create a beautiful one-of-a-kind bencher for any event. Let’s Bench benchers are perfect for weddings, bar/bat mitzvah, anniversaries, fundraisers, synagogue dinners, Israel missions, group events and more.


Several nusach options.

Let’s Bench currently offers Hebrew or Hebrew with English/transliteration with a traditional Ashkenaz, modern/egalitarian Ashkenaz, and Mizrachi text. A Sephardi text with French translation as well as Nusach Ari are also in the works. If you are interested in a different text style, please let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.

Additional packages.

Our basic bencher includes Birkat Hamazon (Grace after Meals), Sheva Brachot (Seven Wedding Blessings), and Brachot Achronot. Upgrade options include zemirot and Shabbat and holiday additions; and extra photo pages.

Shalom Aleichem

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The Let’s Bench web application.

We made our web app simple and user friendly for everyone to use. With how-to videos as well as a step-by-step guide, you can be on your way to creating the perfect bencher for an event in minutes. Once you upload your pictures, the whole process can be completed in just ten minutes.


New! The Card and The Pocket. Find out about our new folding benchers: Heavy stock, great sheen and less expensive.


Customize your

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Choose from an array of backgrounds to match your event. Can’t find the background you want? Tell us what you want and we’ll try to add it to the options.


Unique and special. Quality design.

Special care was taken in every detail of creating the Let’s Bench template. We chose a modern, yet classic font that is clear and easy-to-read. The layout is built on a grid so that your photos will not compete with the text. Linear transliteration punctuation matches its Hebrew counterpart. This is a high quality product that is functional as well as a highlight of your event.


Let’s Bench. The ultimate party favor.

Everyone loves to look at pictures. Today, many weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs include photo posters and video montages to share with guests. Imagine adding a mini-photo album for everyone to see, but mixed with the traditional blessings said after a meal. Everyone will want to have it as a keepsake from your special event. As an organization, you can share your message with your constituents using the Let’s Bench bencher. It is a wonderful souvenir and memorable brochure with a longer shelf life than any other bencher or memento. It’s the ultimate party favor.


Special orders don’t upset us.

If you want to customize your bencher beyond what the Let’s Bench web app can offer, we are happy to assist you. Furthermore, if you would like us to put together your bencher after sending us (or uploading) your photos, we can also do that – as a premium service option. Special orders have an additional fee.


The perfect gift.

Do you want to give the perfect gift that will be appreciated, helpful and offer educational value? Let’s Bench gift cards are a great way to help someone create a lovely personalized keepsake for their simcha. Let’s Bench gift cards are easy to purchase and start at $100.

Another way to give Let’s Bench benchers as a gift is to purchase them yourself after taking pictures at a simcha. You can get a set of 10 (or more) specially gift boxed benchers with a premium cover as a unique Jewish gift for your family or friends.

Pricing structure.

The Let’s Bench bencher is an unusual product, a photo album and bencher that is in a unique category of its own. It is also a smart product created with care and every attention to detail.

The pricing structure is mostly dependent on the size of the bencher and quantity ordered. For this reason, we offer you options when deciding how to customize your bencher. For example, if you choose to have English/transliteration in addition to Hebrew, the bencher will have 40 pages instead of 20. If you choose to add the zemirot and holiday package, your Hebrew/English bencher has now grown to 56 pages. You can also add more picture pages at the end. For exact pricing, click here.

Free worldwide shipping for orders of 100 benchers or more.